Monday, January 12, 2015

Taking public transit to the January ASHRAE meeting

I paid $3 to take three buses and one light rail to my meeting today. I was lucky a bus route went right past the banquet center, I only had to walk about 100 yards after I stepped off the last bus. I took Metrobus 56 to Shrewsbury station, Metrolink to Brentwood I-64 station, Metrobus 57X to Ballas transfer center, and Metrobus 98 to 1970 Craig. The total trip from Energy-PE, LLC world headquarters to Spazio's banquet center took about one-and-one-half hours. Nice that it was mostly sunny and not very cold. The Ballas transfer center has a small electricity-heated building in which to wait, with drinking fountains. Metro's equipment is always clean, but the bus stops seem really far apart.